Thursday, 28 February 2013

Squad Numiah WIP + The assault of the Great Devourer.

I have been steadily painting away at Squad Numiah, mostly focusing on the robes. These are coming out really well IMO and hopefully they look like thick cloth. I have also found a nice simple green scheme that is quite easy to crank out, looks dark and means all the marines are roughly the same shade. The only issue I have had is with the robed marines, as I tend to paint the robes first, and this means taking my time with painting on the green around the robes. I'm a messy painter at the best of times, so you can imagine this isn't fun for me having to go slowly :P

Getting there though!

Also, I had a game yesterday against Pootank and his Tyranids. I have a mortal fear of Nids, due to how much the big bugs tend to give me issues. However, the game was very, very close, and ended as a 10 -10 draw! I'd like to think this is due to my superior skills, but probably is due to Pootank's bad dice rolls that saw two of his three Tervigons run out of Gants in turn one to start, and only got worse from there. Was a good chance to run my list against the kind of lists that I thought might give me trouble, and for my first game I was happy. I do need to remember that I can't assault from a Scout move on turn one though...

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