Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Squad Kushial 50% complete...here comes the Sixth Company!

I've finished my first three Black Knights. I was planning to complete the rest of the unit much later on, but I enjoyed painting them so much I will be doing the other three after a little break. Of course, when I start painting the Huntsmaster I will be regretting this immensely!

I realise in my last post I said I would be using XV-88 as a leather colour. However, after using it and washing with Devlin Mud, I found it was too bright and distracted from the overall scheme. So instead, I have decided to use Scorched Brown. This is one of my favourite colours, and luckily enough has a base colour match in the new GW paints (Rhinox Hide for the record)

Pic time

So, what am I going to paint next? I was looking to paint more Ravenwing, but I have had my fill of painting black for the time being. Six bikes is more than enough for now! So, I thought I would have a crack at painting some of the Greenwing element of my army. I love painting Caliban Green, but sometimes I struggle getting a consistent shade. Hopefully I can sort this and get my models how I want them to look. Also, I have a lot of robed marines, so this will make each squad interesting as they will have a nice mix of bone and dark green colours, hopefully meaning I won't get too bored.

So...a before pic of the first unit.

Say hello to Squad Numiah. These guys are a nice distraction unit to put onto a backfield objective and provide lascannon support. All for 90 points! These guys will be Sixth Company marines. I'd like to say I chose the Sixth for fluffy reasons, but in all honesty I chose them due to the fact the kneepad marking is so easy to paint...

These hopefully won't take long, will allow me to get my robe and green colours sorted, and provide a small break until I crack into the rest of Squad Kushial. Win/win all round!

Bonus pic

This little Watcher was painted by me for a friend. For 30 mins work I'm very happy, but not as happy as she was :)

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