Thursday, 7 February 2013

First post. First of the Ravenwing.

Hello all

My name is Kobrakei and I have been playing 40K for eighteen years. I've always maintained an interest, but in the last year or so my friends have started playing again, and as such I have had new opponents and new armies to build. Speaking of which...

Dark Angels!

I've always loved the Dark Angels. Loved the three colour schemes. Loved the fluff. Hated painting Ravenwing and Deathwing. However, with the new book, I decided it was now time to throw that fear away and jump right in.

After playing with the new GW paints and washes. I found it was quite easy to make a decent looking black without much effort. And as for white, if I ever find out who invented Ceramite White I will put my mouth on their mouth!

So, with the caveat that the base is not finished, I bring you Brother Zadakael of the Ravenwing.

As I always do with a new army, I painted this guy as a tester. I reckon he took about 3 hours, which should mean a squad won't take much longer as it was mostly getting the white and black doable quickly and easily. I was worried he would be a bit monochrome, but the red breaks that up nicely.

So, twelve or so bikes to go.

Bring it on!


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