Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tactica Black Knights

I want to try and start giving advice on units within the Dark Angels codex. This won't be a regular thing, but I thought it would be good to break the painting side of it, and to help people who are a little stuck on how to use units.

I'm not the best player. I have a horrible W/L record. These kinds of posts are my opinion only, and should not be taken as game winning advice.

So, with that out of the way, let's get it on! And to start, I'm going to advise on one of my favourite new units from the Codex - Ravenwing Black Knights.

Ravenwing Black Knights are the elite of the Ravenwing Comapny. Clocking in at 42 points a model, they come with Skilled Rider, Hit and Run, Grim Resolve and Scouts. They are also armed with Plasma Talons and Corvus Hammers as standard.

Plasma Talons are a shorter ranged twin linked plasma gun. This on its own is a sound gun to have, but put onto a bike unit gives you a 30" range for putting plasma wounds onto a target. Getting better right? One in three bikes can swap their Talon for a Ravenwing Grenade Launcher. This little gem can fire frag and krak grenades (never a bad thing), stasis grenades (useful for making elite assualt units less deadly to attack in HTH) or rad grenades (this is my personal favourite, knocking all models uner its blast's toughness down by one. This does affect ID thresholds, meaning T4 models can be ID'd by the Talons. Use this on Obliterators or Paladins and laugh)

Corvus Hammers are a +1 strength, rending CCW. These are very useful for mopping up elite units after blasting them with Talons, or, as each RBK has 4 attacks on the charge, for shredding horde infantry. The Huntsmaster also has the option of a power weapon, which if you do choose it, should be a power lance to take advantage of your ability to choose your charges due to your maneuverability. If you get stuck in a combat, or need a little extra oomph to break that tough unit, then Hit and Run is a great option. Just remember, never , never, NEVER use it in your turn, otherwise you will be in for a world of hurt.

If you do take Black Knights, a useful choice to choose alongside them is a Darkshroud. This, combined with your Skilled Rider will give your Knights a 3+ cover save. Turbo boosting gives you a 2+! Of course this will depend on your army composition, but if you are going Ravenwing heavy you can't go far wrong with this mix.

I know it's not the most detailed overview, but hopefully it will help someone :)

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