Friday, 15 February 2013

Squad Arael rides to war! (Guest starring The Nerd Garage)

And done! Really happy with these guys. They're definitely better than just table top in my eyes, but I would say that. I thought painting Sergeant Arael would be a chore, but he was surprisingly easy to do. I just need to remember that when I paint, my models only tend to come together at the end, and that they always look a mess just before finishing.

Enough talk. Picture time!

 They look quite happy, and will be running around melta-ing the Fallen soon enough...

So now my first unit is complete, time to line up the next thing. Which is...
Three Ravenwing Black Knights! These guys are half of Squad Kushial, which is the elite part of my army. I've decided to paint these in two halves as this will mean I get less bored with painting the same thing six times over, and to reward myself for finishing my first unit. The second half will get painted after I complete something else significant (possibly either Sammael or my Darkshroud).

I say reward...I looked at these guys again yesterday and realised the amount of detail on the models. Gulp.

Also, I thought it was time I mentioned my gaming group. We usually play at my friend's garage, which we have christened The Nerd Garage, here in Coventry on Wednesdays. There's four of us in the group, Gandy, Pootank, Danny Kastigaunt and myself. It tends to be a bit of a 40K free for all, with Danny and Pootank running tournie lists against each other, while Gandy and myself like to kick back and play casually. Gandy is the newest gamer to our group, and has only just started playing 40K. He runs a Chaos list and is starting to get very good at working out threats and creating havoc. His janky dice rolling doesn't help either :P

Next week I will be running a Ravenwing/Greenwng list against Gandy, who's only gone and bought himself a Heldrake. It promises to be brutal and I will try to get the battle report up on here...if I don't lose too badly that is! (Edit - I found out that this won't be happening next week but the week after, so probably 27/02/2013. I'm really sorry about that, but as an apology here's a copy of the list I will be using and am currently painting towards

Sammael (Corvex) 200
6 Ravenwing Black Knights - 1 x Grenade Launcher - 252
10 tact - Plasmagun, Plasma Cannon, Rhino - 205
10 tact - Plasmagun, Plasma Cannon, Rhino - 205
5 tact - Lascannon - 90
5 devs - 3 x Missile Launcher, 1 x Lascannon - 135
3 x Ravenwing - 2 x melta, Combi-Melta, Attack Bike (Multi Melta) - 165
3 x Ravenwing - 2 x melta, Combi-Melta, Attack Bike (Multi Melta) - 165
Darkshroud - 80 pts

I will definitely do a battle report now to make up for the delay!)


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