Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bloody Beginnings

So, after that dramatic (pretentious?) opening, it's time to go into some more details. I'm building a small Blood Angels force, based around the remains of the Third Company after Tycho's death. WIthin this framework, I'm also hoping to explore and develop on my favourite unit within the Codex, the Death Company. 

This idea came to me when the last Codex was released. Some of the rumours suggested that there would be a spiritual split within the Chapter, between those who saw the Black Rage as a flaw, and those who would see it as a gift and a weapon from Sanguinius. Although this obviously was something that never quite materialised, the idea stuck with me. With the new releases, and a lot of point drops, I realised I could throw in all the things I wanted without making the army massively ineffective, and so here we are!

Below are the first things I have to work with. I also have about 30 extra Death Company from the last release, and 10 or so Sanguinary Guard. I'm planning to pick up a new Sanguinary Priest, some Rhinos and a Vindicator or two. I'm going to go with what feels right, more than stick to a list, but there will be lots of Death Company. Lots and lots of Death Company...

I've also gone and built my first model, and where better to start than with the new Captain of the Third. There's a little tidying up to do with regards to gaps, but he's basically ready to go. It'll be interesting to paint some gold, especially as I'm not planning to use any gold paint...


  1. Looking good! Looking forward to all these wonderful BA buildups!

  2. Alright. You're scaring me... As much as I want to see BA, I'd rather you not abandon the Shrikes... ;)

  3. Don't worry Jeff, the Shrikes are still getting worked on! I keep meaning to update, but you know how real life jumps in the way...the next update will be after New Year, but should be fairly substantial. And Contemptor-shaped ;)

  4. That sounds awesomely reassuring.