Monday, 15 December 2014

'Ah, but rage. Rage is our legacy'

'Sing, goddess, the wrath of Akhillus, the ruinous wrath that brought on the Achaians woes innumerable, and hurled down into Hades many strong souls of heroes…'
Fragment of The Ilyad. Eighth Century B.C. Poem, composed by the Blind Grekian.

'And so the Angel took flight next to the Master of Mankind. He slew the daemon and the heretic, and punished those who had failed the Imperium. Soon, he was to be left with the Great Betrayer, unto which he was rent, throttled by his most beloved brother. Even in death, Sanguinius never left his children. He became part of us, our genetic core altered by that most traumatic ending. 

They call the Rage a curse. Ah, but rage. Rage is our legacy. A final gift from our dying father.'

Sanguinary Priest Erino Callaphen, 'Ruminations on Loss'.

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