Monday, 9 February 2015

The Murder WIP

Well, that was a slightly longer break than I expected! Still, time to get back into the swing of painting Shrikes. I'm currently working on...

Demi-Squad Akirion, yet another Tactical Squad. Something about painting these guys really chills me out. I know people dislike painting troops, but to me they're the core of your army, and having thirty of these guys all standing together on a battlefield will look amazing. (Not as cool as forty will look though...:P)

Techmarine Sehn Muhindos. I really dislike Finecast, and couldn't quite understand why my paint jobs on the material looked worse to my eyes than plastics. Of course, when my friend pointed out the rough surface it made a lot more sense. Shame really, as I have another one of these to paint, complete with Thunderfire cannon. I haven't put the first one in this picture as it's just a big silver lump at the moment, but hopefully two will look great side by side.

And finally, as so many people have been asking...

Ancient Joud Friwn, the Murder, Third Shrike-Lord.
I've got a few more things I want to work on after this little lot is painted. Looking at a couple of Bike Squads, another Sternguard unit and maybe a Terminator or ten. Also vehicles, as that's the one thing I need more practice on really. So many decisions...


  1. Fine cast definitely has a rough surface. You might find it helps to seal it after priming, to smooth down your painting surface a little bit. That being said, it does lend well to dry brushing!

    I had such issues with my techmarine...i ended up throwing magnets all over him.

  2. Yeah, it's really not the best. I'm sure once he's done it'll look fine, but at the moment he's just not quite popping. The thought of highlighting the arms and backpack isn't helping either!