Monday, 4 March 2013

Squad Numiah WIP 2! Rumblings in the Nerd Garage!

These guys are at about 80% now. I need to finish the weapon casings,, complete the wings (ugh) and then base, so, time permitting, they should be done by Wednesday (he says)!

It's nice to get near to the end of my first Greenwing unit, although having looked closer, it appears they aren't quite the same shade of green. I have been looking at them under terrible light though, and to compensate I have given the darker Marines an extra layer of highlight, which has helped to tie them together. They look fine for tabletop though, and I doubt you'd notice if you're just having a quick nose!

The Nerd Garage is rumbling with the sounds of war. Mighty armies clash in the heat of conflict. Ancient scores will be settled, and new rivalries will emerge. But in the End Times of the 41st Millennium, there can only be one victor...

At which point you're bound to be asking what I'm waffling on about!? I'm pleased to announce that we will be running our 40k League once again in the Nerd Garage. Danny is using Salamanders, Gandy's using his Chaos Marines, I will obviously be rocking the Dark Angels and Pootank is going with Tyranids. This means there should be a challenge every round, and the lists we will be running will have to deal with a variety of foes. I'm sticking with my list, as I need to get a feel for it more, and I hope to get the rest of them up soon. Hopefully I will have a better showing then last year, where I struggled to win any games and had terrible luck. Time will tell, but I feel confident and have a much more flexible list than the Grey Knight list I used last year (no weapons over 24"! I know, what was I thinking?). I'm especially looking forward to my games with Gandy as not only will they be tough games, but I can redeem the honour of the First Legion by capturing the Fallen!

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