Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Tomb Awakens. The Gift of the Emperor.

I've recently been looking at the armies I have unfinished sitting in boxes, and after some discussion I have decided to pick two of them back up and complete what I started. So, in addition to the Dark Angels I've been blogging about, I will soon be adding posts about my Necrons and Grey Knights. Both of these armies are at vastly different stages.


Oh dear, where to start with these guys? They were built pretty rapidly to get gaming with them ASAP, and due to some shoddy gluing and spindly joints, the vast majority are now in pieces. I have been working on them slowly to get them pinned and rebuilt, but it has taken time and dedication. I'm currently still putting pins in place, and will hopefully be starting to get these guys put back together soon. I still have a few models to build to get the army to a decent 1500 pt level, and from there will start to look at ways to build on the core list. I have painted a few models, but I'm not too sold on the colour scheme and will probably look at some colour theory to find my new scheme.

Grey Knights

These are looking a lot healthier. The vast majority of the army is painted, excluding tanks. However, due to a change in the way I run and play with them, I will need to paint some Psyflemen Dreads, at least one Dreadknight and some extra Razorbacks. I'm going to be painting some more Strike Squads and adding details to the current tanks, as they're just boring silver boxes, using spare tilt shields and adding colours. I've added some pictures to show how these are looking so far.

So, what does this all mean? Well hopefully I will be able to start breaking up the posts on here so that it's not all Dark Angels, which will mean a nice variety of stuff to check out and keep an eye on. I can also start to log my progress with the Necrons, which will push me to finish fixing the suckers and get them built finally so I can have a non-Marine army. I'd also like to add modelling and painting advice so that will give me a perfect opportunity to throw in some posts about that side of the hobby.

Now, this doesn't mean I won't be pushing to get my Angels finished up, as these guys are my number one priority. But it does mean I shouldn't suffer green and black burnout, which I think is important! I'm also going to have a decent clearout of models and bits to ensure that nothing distracts me from finishing these three armies this year, or at least getting them to a decent painted standard. There will be one offs that catch my eye, and to avoid working on the same things over and over though, so keep your eyes open for those as they will be eclectic and not fit in anywhere else.  

That's the plan anyways. Luckily I have a supportive gaming group, and a girlfriend who knows how to make me focus on these sorts of things! After a small initial outlay this should save me money too as I will only need the odd bit from GW (barring treats and list revisions).

Lastly(!), please take five minutes to have a look at my friend Danny Kastigaunt's blog, Hand Of Junk on the sidebar. It's a damn good read and convinced me to start my blog. He covers a wide range of topics with regards to his Salamanders army, and has a slight obsession with Rogue Trader era models. His tutorials are fantastic too, and well worth a read! Get to it, and tell him I said hi! 

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  1. Thanks for the link! I will be painting my first Dark Angel soon (a Rogue Trader mini of course). I know what you mean about green fatigue, I've painted nearly 100 Sallies in the last year and a bit!