Monday, 22 April 2013

There's never enough Heavy Support slots. A distant howl.

So last week has been a frenzy of building my Grey Knight Heavy Support units. Somehow, despite not touching any models over the weekend, I've managed to find time to build my second Dreadknight and two Dreadnoughts. I've changed my original Dreadknight to have a Heavy Incinerator, as torrenting is always useful, and soon I'll be fighting more Tyranids and Tau, what with Pootank and Danny building and using these armies more. AP4 templates flying around the table should give both those armies something to think about...

Also, I've got my Grand Master rebuilt. He's got the Nemesis Force Halberd I planned to give him finally, and having put his other arm on, he's looking like a bit of a badass. I'm sure that notion will get disproved in my next game with the Knights, as he's bound to get splatted by a lascannon or something, but that's half the fun!

And finally, I'm aware that there's been a bit of a lull in my painting, due to lots of building and sorting my armies. I'm hoping this will change soon, and having three armies to rebuild, paint and play with will mean a cracking variety of posts!

Wait, did I say three armies? Well...I may have remembered that I had another army. An army I haven't played in a while, but I always did well with, that have sat in a box unremembered and used as proxies by the Nerd Garage. An army, that with a lick of new paint, and the construction of at least two Drop Pods, will be taking to battle once more! And just in case you wondered what they could be, well, the paints below should give you a hint...

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