Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Location, Location, Location.

I've torn through painting my Vindicare Assassin, and it was done so quick, I didn't even have time to take WIP pictures. Altogether, he took an hour to paint. That includes washes! Was a really nice model to get to grips with, and he really just painted himself. Made me miss metal models, having not painted any for a long time, and although I know Finecast means more interestingly posed models can now be made, I do wish it was as fun as metal is to paint.

It's also nice to get 145 points done so quickly, and having a whole unit complete as well. Killing two birds with one stone! So, 16 years after I bought him, here's my fully painted Vindicare!

Also, a quick WIP of Squad Sahrael. Very basic at this point, and the real work will begin once I get the robes washed. But they're started, and hopefully will be a bit quicker than my Black Knights.

Tonight I'll be starting to build these two boxes. I'll try to get them both made, probably while having The Wire playing in the background (I paint and build better when I have TV on. Not sure why, but it's nice to have something to listen to I guess), as I won't be getting much hobby time in this weekend due to nights out and GF time. Maybe I can get some time on Sunday to finish them off. After these, the Knights will just need a Razorback built and then they're complete model wise. Well, for now. I have always wanted a Coteaz model...and I do have a load of Vostroyans that could do with some attention...

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