Friday, 12 April 2013

Squad Sahrael of the Sixth. Brother Knight Aneases walks. Exitus Acta Probat. The Nerd League finishes.

So with the Black Knights finished, it's time to look at what will be next for the Dark Angels. And that, as seen below, is Tactical Squad Sahrael. This is a ten man squad with a Plasma Cannon and Plasma Gun, which I've been running with great results in my recent games. They will be a pleasant change from painting massive amounts of black, and will help get a large chunk of my army finished as well! They do have a Rhino as their transport, but I'll tackle that after I complete these guys. After these and their Rhino are doneI'll be cracking into my Darkshroud, The Lion's Shade.

The first of my two Grey Knight Dreadnoughts, Brother-Knight Aneases has been built. The Venerable Dreadnought is a great kit, and gives you lots of extra bits. However, I decided to Knight up my Dread by using bits from the Grey Knight, Grey Knight Terminator and Dreadknight kits. It's mostly purity seals and shields  but I also made sure he had an appropriate head from the Terminator kit to make him appear part of my strike force. Looking forward to getting some paint on him, and I'll be working on him at the same time as Squad Sahrael to make sure I don't get bored with either.

I remembered that I had an old, badly painted Vindicare Assassin in my bits box, and thought he could use some love. I dug him out and stripped his bad paint job using Fairy Power Spray (an absolute godsend. I use it to strip paint from any models including plastic). I'm not sure what colours to use, but am thinking that Charadon Granite would look especially good on him. He'll be useful in my Knight army to snipe out sargeants and special weapon guys from enemy squads.

As a side note I remember buying this model at Games Day...1997! It's been that long!

And finally, we played the final round of the Nerd League this week. A tough game for me against Poot's Tyranids. It was back and forth all game, and I had to actually think while playing (as anyone who knows me will know, I tend to move first, think later). However, my firepower started to take its toll, and Poot struggled to throw the numbers he needed at me. I focused on his Tervigons, killing two out of three, leading to hordes of Termigants being removed from the table in the process. After five hard fought, tense turns, the game ended with a convincing 19-12 win to me, meaning I won the league without a loss! This was a surprise to me as in the previous League I had come stone cold last, but it shows that by learning both your army, and creating an effective, balanced list, anyone can do much better in their gaming. 

This means that we're not going to be playing the Nerd League for a couple of weeks to give ourselves time to recoup, play some fun games and then start list building for the next League. However, I'll be trying my Standard of Devastation list and seeing how that copes. With any luck my Angels can defend their streak and bring honour to the Lion. Failing that, the Deathwing can catch some Fallen from Gandy. Hopefully Danny will have his new Tau ready by that time, throwing in a new and dangerous army as well.

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