Monday, 8 April 2013

I said I'd finish my Black Knights, and the Greater Good

Told you I'd have them done for the next update! But in all honesty, these guys bogged me down and I was starting to reach the point of giving up with them, so to get them done was a relief. It's a terrible picture, but luckily I will soon be getting the new Galaxy S4. Been playing with the GF's S3, and the camera is amazing, so hopefully I can start to get some more impressive pics up soon

Now, question time...what shall I paint next for the Dark Angels? I have 3 more Ravenwing bikes to paint, plus Sammael and a Darkshroud. But I was also thinking of going for a complete Tactical Squad and the Rhino transport. What are your thoughts readers?

I received my new Tau Codex today, and have been flicking through eagerly. It's a very nice book, and the army itself looks solid. There seems to be options all over the place, and no obvious picks. Well, maybe Broadsides, but only because the model is gorgeous. The lesser HQ's are standouts for me, especially when they can start making your Fire Warriors start pumping out 4 shots each at short range. It's all so tempting. Very tempting. And soon it's my birthday. I may have to invest...


I now have better pictures of the Knights. Enjoy.

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