Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Deathwing deploy for battle.

In what seems like no time at all, I've managed to whip through Squad Irael and get them painted. I chopped through these relatively quick as I suffered my age old issue of not thinking my painting looks any good until I get to the end. It doesn't help that I overbrushed the bone too much, leaving a small amount of details a little obscured. They don't suffer for it, but I'm not too pleased about it either. I'm also a bit meh about the Cyclone Terminator. I think it's because he doesn't have as much green on his chest emblem, meaning he doesn't seem to quite tie into the unit. I guess I sound quite negative about the whole painting of these, but I'm quite chuffed they're done. I'm especially happy about the sergeant, which has that nice leader aspect going on. They need basing, but I've painted for about 3 hours tonight in poor light, so that can wait until tomorrow!

And also, I got Belial finished! He was actually quite easy to paint, the only problem being that sometimes the paint wouldn't quite stick. I'm putting that down to the white undercoat he was based with. However, he was done over two nights, and now means my army can use Deathwing as Troops. He was also the second model in my army to get fully based with snow and scorched grass flock, and I've also done my Ravenwing Attack Squad. The rest will get done over time.

Speaking of the rest, I did a quick tally of what's been painted. So far, it comes to 1200 points give or take. That's quite a lot for me in 4 months, especially as the units have all been different colours. But I'm showing no signs of slowing down at all. I'm thinking for my next unit after the Deathwing are based, I'm going to paint  another three Ravenwing bikes to bump up the Attack Squad I already have, and at the same time paint my Darkshroud Speeder. Lots of black, but it'll give me a good unit and a painted vehicle. Then...who knows?

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