Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Squad Sahrael WIP (again), Squad Irael, and Nerd League round three

Well, in a shocking state of affairs, I still (!) haven't finished Squad Sahrael. I'm really not very far off though, and in the background is the Rhino these guys will be using. I sprayed it using Army Painter Angel Green spray, so I was a bit concerned with how well the colour would match Caliban Green. Fortunately, it's spot on perfect, meaning my vehicles will be quick and easy to knock out.

However, this squad has made me realise that painting ten guys at a time is just a chore. Sure, it's nice to get them all done at once, but sometimes it's a bit too much, and can leave you demoralised. So in future I'll be tackling any squads over five models in batches. Hopefully this means I won't get too bored with painting the same thing over and over again.

Speaking of which, below is the next thing to be painted, Squad Irael of the Deathwing. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into these as this will mean I'll have a painted unit from each Wing done and dusted. Having split with the girlfriend recently, I've been getting more time to paint, and although it's not really a good thing, at least I can use painting to distract myself. 

Also, I've never painted a full Deathwing Squad, and I know these guys are going to stand out on the board.

Lastly, the Nerd League is starting again this week. We're using the same armies as before, but with new lists. I'm expecting three very different, very hard games, and can't wait to report back with how they all go.

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