Saturday, 15 June 2013

Deathwing WIP's and the Grand Master

I've got cracking into my Deathwing squad. At the moment they've had the bone completed, and I'm just in the process of blocking into colours prior to washing them all. I've raced ahead a little, and done the robe on my Sergeant, as I was looking forward to highlighting it, and it's come out looking really good.

You might also notice there appears to be a new Terminator on the right hand side. Well, that's my Belial, made from the Deathwing Command box. He was already painted a shade of bone, but I've redone it to match the rest of my army. I thought I'd get him done at the same time as he will be pretty much the same as the Deathwing squad to paint. Plus, then my army will have three painted Troop choices!

One thing I almost didn't put on my Terminators were the little daggers the Deathwing normally have. However, as I've used some Dark Vengeance models, I wanted the rest of the squad to tie in thematically. I'm going to paint the daggers separately and glue them on later. 

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