Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Librarian Xapham, and a list of WIPs

In my last post I said I would start to work on my Deathwing squad, and that's not quite happened. I have a good reason though, which is right below. I realised that I hadn't painted any HQ choices for my army, and now that I had two Troops choices it was high time to get one done to give me a legal army. I decided I wanted some practice painting Terminator armour, and so my Libby in TDA was the obvious choice. He took about 5 hours over three nights to paint and base. I'm especially pleased with his base, as just having it as a plain grey meant there would have been plenty of unused space. I had bought some snow flock recently, and thought 'why not?' I'm very happy with the result, and will be going back to do the same to all of my previouly painted models.

Speaking of which, I decided to take a group shot of what I've completed so far. It's not at the same pace as some painters, but slowly, I'm getting there, and it's starting to look impressive.

So, what next? I had a look through what I had to paint or wanted to start, and came up with the following units. I didn't look for any Tactical marines as I'm going to try and save those until I paint some more from both Wings. These won't be done in any particular order, but I do want to get these done as soon as possible.

Three Ravenwing bikers, to round out my Ravenwing Attack Squad. Using the Standard of Devastation has shown just how good super mobile firepower can be, especially at T5. A full unit of these guys will always find a way into my lists.

A Ravenwing Standard Bearer. I'm looking forward to this. I realise the banner is going to take the most time, but it's far, far preferable instead of trying to paint it on a flat surface. Plus it means I can go all out to make it stand out.

My Deathwing Squad. These guys are getting done next, however they have one more member than they normally would. I got a bit carried away, and forgot I had a TH/SS in the unit! He just needs basecoating and washing and then I'll do them all in one go.

Librarian on a bike. A very useful unit, and means I can then take a mixture of Librarians.

A Rhino for my Tactical Squad. I need to get the hang of painting vehicles, and figure I should start with this tank. It probably won't get used too much as I'm taking a lot of footslogging marines, but having a Rhino to use won't hurt

And finally, the big man himself, Azrael. I just like the model. I think you really have to tailor a list around his abilities, and he's very expensive. But, he can bring a lot of powerful abilities to the table, and in the rare cases I don't take some form of Librarian he's usually my go-to choice.

So, this means I'll have a lot on my plate for the time being. That's not a bad thing though, meaning I have some ideas about how the army will progress. It also gives me a break from Caliban Green, and hopefully means I won't get bored with the Greenwing side of things. That's the dream anyways...

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