Thursday, 18 June 2015

Terminator Squad Zelaange, First Amongst Equals WIP

'Power Armour will win a battle. Terminator Armour will end a war.'

 - Unattributed

So, I've been working on Squad Zelaange for a little while now. They've been one of those units where I've been concerned that they might not look as great as I'd hoped, but when I painted the silver they all seemed to click nicely. The black and silver needs highlighting, and the other few details such as eyes and purity seals will need doing, but they're rapidly getting there.

As for the guy in black at the back, well, Deathwatch Terminators are cool, right...?


  1. Oooooh nice. Looks like you're using Raptors shoulder pads as well, huh? Termies look pretty good with that scheme. The lack of black backpack changes it a little bit, but I'm digging them.

  2. Yeah, the Raptor pads should look ace once done. And I guess that's what threw my eye off about them, but they look so much better now I have them nearly done!