Monday, 22 June 2015

A horizon is nearing

With the new Space Marine Codex out, I thought about what I'd like to have in my Shrikes in the future. And, well, this happened...

Short of a couple of Vindicators and a unit of Vanguard Vets, this will be the last major purchase for the Shrikes. There will be little units of things as and when after, but it seems a natural ending is very well in sight. There's still loads to do, so it's going to keep me going for a good long while yet.

I have some interesting ideas for these guys though...

Want a hint? Why not? Everyone loves hints. Which unit could this be about?

'Three. There are always three. They are the Equilateral, and we are witness to their wrath.' - Attributed to Zaidan Shraane, Captain, III Company, Crimson Shrikes Adeptus Astartes.


  1. Setup is awesome, as you've basically got the skyhammer formation right there! (minus the two pods)

  2. I never even though of it like that! I do have the drop pods, but if I ran it I'd be going full squads, just for maximum impact.

    1. Well at least you can practice till you get more models then...someone was just pointing out to me...I don't think you have to run the devastators in the can put whatever you want in them...that's ultra nasty! (since you can choose what turn the pods come in)