Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Squad Sahrael WIP 2, and of all the HQ's in all the world...

...I would have to start with Azrael! Using the DV Company Master for this, with a head from the Ravenwing Command Squad sprue. Really like how this has gone together, and he's getting some paint now as I actually haven't painted a HQ choice yet. Starting large!

And of course this means having to paint his banner. LOOK AT THIS THING!! It's a challenge, but will help to give that sense that this is an important leader. Or someone to be shot rapidly, one of the two. The only issue I have with this is that it's a big lump of metal, and it'll be a chore to keep this glued onto the plastic Azzy. It's a bit thin to put a pin into as well, so can anyone help with some ideas?

And finally Squad Sarhael with some more paint on. These guys are way behind schedule, and I don't really have many excuses. But having put some green on them, it's made me want to crack into them and get them finished and on the table. Hopefully these could be ready by this time next week, as long as I pull my finger out...

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  1. For the banner pinning it is a great idea but I would use two pins one in the hole where it would normally attach then another pin right above and if u do drill all the way through a little smoothing out and maybe some liquid green stuff and nobody should notice