Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nerd League Round 2 results, and more WIP pics

We played round two of the Nerd League this week, and I was up against Gandy and his Chaos Marine list. He was roundly tabled in his first game against Pootank, and was looking to get back into the running. He set up first, and then, for the second game in a row, I promptly stole the initiative. This set the tone for the game, where my luck was beyond belief. I blew up a Maulerfiend in close combat with a Tactical Squad using kraks before it even swung! The game was a complete murderfest, and by the end of my turn 4 Gandy had 6 marines and a Rhino on the table, at which point he conceded. So I've now gone two for two! Pretty hapy with that, especially as I've taken a list I wouldn't begin to call optimised. I think my success has come from two factors, the cautious deep strikes of my Deathwing, which I've been using to make sure I get my twin linking and ensure optimal Standard of Devastation deployment, and the aforementioned banner. It's been an absolute beast, and the amount of bolter shots you can throw out are obscene. Couple that with a Librarian using the Divination table and you have a solid base to an army that can take out most threats.

In the other game, Danny and Pootank went toe to toe. The game was back and forth, and both sides could have won at any point. In the end, Pootank had about 8 Space Wolves left on the table, meaning Danny took the game. However when we totaled the scores, there was two points in it, which is due to Pootank sticking to taking objectives, which when you're playing can sometimes be easily forgotten in the rush of playing.

So next week is the deciding week. I have a strong advantage having not lost a game yet, but there's all to play for, and I'll be having a very tough game against Pootank. 

And finally, I did some more work on Sahrael. I really need to get my act together and get these finished. I only need to do the Warpstone Glow highlight on the armour and then it'll be time for the details. Really gonna pull my finger out and see if next week can see these marines done and dusted!

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