Monday, 13 May 2013

Librarian Conversions, a new list and Nerd League game one results

I've been building a variety of Librarians recently. I had to build one for my Nerd League list as I don't like the standard Terminator Libby, and wanted to give him a Deathwing twist. With a bit of converting, and the use of a Nemesis Force Staff, I ended up with the below...

I've got lucky with the pose, as I feel it makes him look like a guardian of secrets. Which is kind of convenient really! 

I also decided it was high time to build a Libby on a bike, as I have a few ideas for Ravenwing based lists, and a biker Librarian is always useful. He also allows access to Ravenwing Command Squads, and that in turn leads to the Standard of Devastation...

You see where this is going right?

We played the first round of the new Nerd League this week, and with the roll offs, I ended up facing Danny's Tau/Space Wolf list. I took a shoeing last week with my Grey Knight list, and with Danny taking the same list, I was concerned that I would struggle. The game was fast and furious, with high volumes of fire coming from both sides. My Deathwing Standard Bearer alone took over 40 shots in turn two on his own! However, in the end the combined might of the 1st, 2nd and 6th companies were too much for the Tau, leaving me with a 12-7 win! It was nice to take vengeance against the blue skinned xeno, and both myself and Danny agreed it had been a cracking game. In Pootank and Gandy's game, the Space Wolves of Pootank* were too ferocious for Gandy's Chaos to overcome, and Gandy suffered a 11-3 loss. It was a rough game for Gandy, and his luck just wasn't there. For the next game Danny will be taking on Pootank whilst I'll be playing Gandy. I'm sure that I will have a hard challenge ahead!

And finally...I've been making lists with Ravenwing Command Squads to take advantage of both the new FAQ ruling, and the usefulness of the Standard of Devastation. With a quiet day at work, and a lot of hard decisions, I've come up with the below. Thoughts and comments are always welcome!

1500 Pts - Dark Angels Roster

HQ: Librarian (1#, 120 pts)
Auspex, Power Field Generator, Bike

Ravenwing Command Squad (5# 245 pts)
Standard of Devastation, Ravenwing Grenade Launcher

Elite: Deathwing Terminator Squad (5#, 250 pts)
Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield x1, Cyclone Missile Launcher

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 205 pts)
Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon, Drop Pod

Troops: Tactical Squad (10#, 170 pts)
Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon

Troops: Tactical Squad (10#, 170 pts)
Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon

Fast Attack: Ravenwing Attack Squadron (6#, 181 pts)
Meltagun x2

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad (5#, 135 pts)
Missile Launcher x3,Lascannon x1 

Total - 1496

*I may have said before that Pootank would be taking a Tyranid list. However, he felt that it was time his fledgling Space Wolf army got an outing. An outing with five Thunderwolves (!). Pretty sure this is gonna be the winning list, but hopefully I can ride my luck...

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