Monday, 29 September 2014

The Death of House Erritian

'The woe of our House cannot be contained within our walls and our hearts. The Primordial Annihilator has come to wage war upon us through your actions and your subterfuge, and they have taken my son. I will unleash my Knights, and they shall bring death and pain to the Great Foe. But hear this, Inquisitor. Your words of alliance are but piss and ashes to me, and my humours would be greatly settled by seeing you strung from Omenstrider's chassis. These words are not threats.'

Knight-Baroness Oula Sammanta, Pilot of 'Omenstrider', Matriax of the House Erritian. Spoken at the Red Concord. 

'The Knights of House Erritian are a callous bunch of inbreds. And they are entirely nessesscary to the Shrine War. After the Ethnarch is dead, I shall be glad to sign the order that brings them to heel, and if they will not, if they snarl and claw like an unbroken dog, I will have them put down. They may have sailed the waves of history since before the Dark Age, but I will end them, and I will feel joy.'

Inquisitor Judia Isut

Above can be seen the Knight-Errant Hzon Easu, controlling the machine known as 'Martyr Blue'. This Knight, along with the brother Knights 'Celestial Indigo' and 'Cerulean Invective' were deployed to the Kerrishian System to provide short term super-heavy support until the forces of the Mechanicus could translate into the sector. In this, they were more effective than even the Astartes of the Crimson Shrikes, and the blaring horns of the Knights were greeted by the Kerrshian PDF as the sound of doom for the foe. However, as with the Knights of Old Earth, Esau and his brothers were only interested in personal honour, and frequently would leave Imperial forces open to counter attack by rebel infantry formations, seeing them as little more than ants and with no promise of glory.

To the Imperium, the continued existence of the the Knight Household of Erritian was a mystery. Formed in the Dark Age, before the rise of the New Man known as the Emperor, the House was notorious for its insular nature, refusing to choose between the traitors and loyalists of the heresy, and only involving itself in Imperial affairs where the future of the House was in jeopardy. This led to rumours that dark and insidious forces were at work within the House, with the Knights being accused of both fleshweaving, and strange rituals to honour their dead. The only thing the House would say on these matters, if indeed anything was said, is that the House is all, and that all brother and sister Knights must return to the House. 

Martyr Blue' was the only survivor of the three Knights from the War. 'Cerulean Invective' was destroyed by a Great Brass Scorpion, while 'Celestial Indigo' broke formation during combat against Black Legion traitors, striding into strange coloured fog. After three days missing, and only receiving strange, gut-wrenching static when attempting to fix the Knight's location, 'Celestial' was declared lost. 'Martyr Blue' was, after the War, detroyed along with the rest of House Erritian after their home world was invaded by Raven Guard and Angels of Porphor Adeptus Astartes under the orders of Inquisitor Judia Isut to bring the Household under the yoke of Imperial control. Rumours that this action was rather to annihilate the Knights rather than install Imperial rule are spoken in the dark corners of the Inquistion.


  1. Love it! Unlike most hobbyists fiction your background is great :)

    What's your recipe for the tarnished & weathered steel?

  2. The steel is Boltgun Metal, washed with Nuln Oil, then drybrushed again with Boltgun. After that I took Typhus Corrosion, washed it heavily into the recesses and then washed it over the raised areas and wiped it off with a tissue. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, but as Corrosion is designed to be messed around with like that it works beautifully! Give it a go and see what happens.

  3. Looks really great! I weathering is really nicely done. Also a fan of your choice of green highlight.