Friday, 5 September 2014

Martyr Blue WIP

Over the last few days I've been working on my Knight, Martyr Blue, as I was concerned I had had a lull in painting and wanted something different to have a go at. Unlike my Shrikes who are cleaner than clean, I wanted my Knight to be as grotty as possible yet still able to function. The Knight house in my background are an ancient order from the Dark Age, and try to have as little to do with the Imperium as possible, meaning that their machines are relics from a time long gone, and I wanted to represent this with some real wear and tear. The armour plates on this guy will be weathered with powder, but not to a huge extent, as House Erritan believe that the colours of the house are sacred, but that the machine that carries them is just a tool. 
I'm aware that the amount of grime will possibly be a massive no-no in some eyes, but having tested the fitting of the armour, it does get cut down due to the amount covered. Also, this is still heavily WIP. With that said, any C&C will be greatly appreciated.

And finally, a little treat to myself. I've never had the room to put any kind of display cabinet in place, but after some recent rejigging within my house, I've managed to get the following in place! There's nothing like having your finished work within a display cabinet, even if it's only your own :P


  1. Knight progress is looking great. I really enjoy these models, and how everyone comes up with a slightly different take on them!

  2. Beautiful work. Inspiring!