Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tactical Squad Alejandro complete

' A war is only fought by two honourable combatants. We consider this an extermination'
Millan Alejandro, Sergeant 4th Squad, III Company

'I have served with honour in the Deathwatch for over 25 years. I have fought the horror of the Tyranid, the war-lust of the Orkid, and slew Hrud as they warped time and reality around my brothers and I. The only thing these lesser races have shown me is that the true abomination of the galaxy is Humanity corrupted.'
Esitk Kires, Deathwatch Veteran, 4th Squad, III Company

So, that's Tactical Squad Alejandro done, meaning I have a legally painted army! I was going to write a nice piece of background about these guys, but, well, erm...I've hit a blank. And that's a little worrying for me, as I wanted the Fourth Shrine War project to be more than just a painting log, but a living, breathing document of the realities of war in the 41st Millennium. I'm sure some ideas will flood through, but right now, not so much.

Also, they aren't quite finished, as transfers are required, and will give them the white so needed to break the colours up, but I'm leaning towards a mass day of application as I find transfers tedious at best! C&C is always, always welcome!

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