Tuesday, 29 July 2014


'I admired them, the Raven Guard. Even during Isstvan V, when we murdered our fellow Astartes to usher in the new order of Lupercal, some part of me found the Guard honourable even as they were cut down to a man. Lupercal sent the Red Angel to finish that which our Legions combined could not, and this pleased me, for Angron in his rage would be hasty, and easily outwitted by Corax, and then we could turn the Ravens to our cause in time. Had I known that the proud gene-line of Corvus would lead to these thin-blooded Shrikes. I would have slain Corax myself to save his honour.'
Wosnek Fosreddan 'Terran-Born', Traitor Commander, 35th Company Black Legion.

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