Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Caliban's Twilight WIP

Having repaired my Darkshroud, Caliban's Twilight, I've set to paint the beast. And it's not coming along too badly. The most tedious part for me was all the silver underneath the Speeder, as it's a massive area that doesn't have much in the way of details to break up. But after that it's seeming to go quite quickly. I've painted the Icon of Old Caliban in a bright scheme, which should make it stand out on the battlefield, but if I had the skill, I'd have done the Icon in a grey marble scheme as I think this would look more like it came from a destroyed building. 

Some close up detail of the Icon. The wings on the angel stands will be white with gold edging to match my Black Knight trims and to help tie this into the rest of my Ravenwing.

And a quick shot of the cockpit interior. Surprisingly easy to paint these, and they look awesome with painted buttons and screen. These will have a few extra bits painted to make them look like scanner screens.

I should be able to get this done by the weekend with any luck, with only the last bits of white, silver and the Marine crew to detail. Next up will be either another Deathwing squad, or the start of my second Tactical squad. I'll have to see what takes my fancy.

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