Monday, 29 July 2013

Deathwing Assualt and Lord Coatez

We've had a recent airbrushing session in the Nerd Garage, which I took advantage off to get my current Deathwing models based. I'm not a massive fan of airbrushing a model to completion, as I feel it loses the hands-on touch of painting, but basing is a lifesaver. I took my Deathwing Knight squad and a standard Deathwing unit to get basecoated, so these will be my next items to paint after my Darkshroud is finished (not much left now!)

And, as it was a prime oppotunity and something I'd always meant to do, I took the liberty of getting my Land Raider Crusader basecoated as well. Is there anything cooler in the whole of 40K than a bone-white Land Raider?

Plenty of Deathwing to work my way through there then. I'm really looking forward to the Knights as they're one of my favourite new units and just look fantastic if done right.

Finally, I managed to convince Pootank to let me paint his Inquistor Coatez. I love this model, and yet for some reason have never bought or painted him. I did the cleaning up which took a while (joys of Finecast), and am going to go for the classic gold look. This will be done with a light silver basecoat which will then be washed with Seraphim Sepia until I get the rich gold colour I'm looking for. This will be a treat and a nice break from green, bone and black!

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