Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Tenth Company

'The Ethnarch attacked our brothers. He attacked the Imperium and defied the laws of the Emperor. His greatest crime though was to strike at our existence. Every member of the Tenth Company was born on Kerishian. From there they were moulded into the future of the Shrikes. The children of this world have returned home, and they have come clad in wrath.'

Captain Thraam Yercik, X Company, Crimson Shrikes Adeptus Astartes.

Below can be seen pic-capture of Scout Squads Neestoi and Grusis of the Crimson Shrikes Chapter. These small units of Tenth Company recruits were added to the counter-attack forces of Captain Koridas at his request, allowing for infiltration and recon deep within enemy lines, and the creation of a location beacon matrix to guide in drop-podding and teleporting elements of the strike force.

The world of Kerishian Alpha-Seven, as well as being a prominent Shrine World within the sector, was also an the main recruitment world for the Crimson Shrikes. Feral gangs of youths, abandoned or orphaned in the bustling cathedral-metropolises of Kerishian were forced to survive via guile and stealth, and in some cases outright violence. This makes them ideal candidates for Astartes recruitment, exceptionally so in the case of the Raven Guard - descended Shrikes. The chosen would be taken to the home world of the Shrikes and put through the trials of Corax. Not all would survive these trials, and in some cases the entire crop would be lost to the mega-flora and fauna of the stalk-jungles. However, those that passed would be accepted into the Chapter, where their training would begin.

The Ethnarch bringing his campaign of ruin and horror to Kerishian left the Shrikes with the only option available to them, and led to their direct involvement with the Shrine War. After the death of their only other recruitment world in the Black Deep Atrocity, the Shrikes' future was under immediate threat. To the Tenth Company, sons all of Kerishian, the war was a just action, even with the faint memories of their life before the Chapter. The Sergeants of the Scout squads were required to not only lead, but to temper the rage of their charges in the battles that followed.

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