Monday, 28 December 2015


'Four years since the death of Calth. Four years. Many have been the nights in Arcology XIX where the words of horror Lorgar's bastard get scream into our comm-net have invaded the thoughts and dreams of both Astartes and mortals trapped down here in the darkness and grime.

I hear them, the cries drowning in blood and ruin. I do not tell the mortals what my warriors and I know, that the screaming is of our fellow Ultramarines being tortured, mutilated and offered up to beings that break all sense of what is possible.

Four years of this. No loyal Astartes ever truly resting, but always guarding against the dark.

This ends today. Their raids for flesh to commit their crimes against the celestial order have decreased. Slowly, of course. But over days, over months, over years, they have slowed. The Urizen is not coming back, and these wretches, these base curs, they know.

Theoretical - I think they've known since the first day. For them this is death.

Practical - Let them die knowing that what happens from here until the end of days and the stars dying is our retribution.'

Praetor Tyron Auxentios, LCVII Company, XV Chapter, XIII Legio 'Ultramarines'

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