Friday, 21 August 2015

Squad Veun, Chaplain Beserides

Time for some quick WIP's

Meet Squad Veun and Chaplain Beserides

I found my old metal jump pack Chaplain and decided he needed to go into the army as it's such a lovely, evocative model. I also threw in some mark IV jump packs from the Sanguinary Guard kit as they look great, but didn't want to go overboard. The new Assault Marine kit is really nice, and really had a blast putting these guys together.

The Knight twins are getting there too. The shoulder plating is much further on than when this was taken, but I've put them aside for a little while so I don't burnout. They're very straightforward to paint, but they just take ages get nice flat coats of colour.

And finally, I do actually get some games in with the Shrikes. This was back in May against my friend's very red Tzeentch daemons. Was a cracking game, and he had me on the back foot for most of it. The Shrikes fought hard, but fate was not to be on their side this day (I lost by 2 vp's!). Always fun to have a close game though. I really must get the Rhinos and Drop Pods painted as well!


  1. Oh man! Those assault marines look every bit as awesome as I'd hoped. The black packs exaggerate their arms and make them look much bulkier, just as I imagined they would. You got some really great, dynamic poses in there as well. Nice work! I think they'll look pretty stunning once they're done. And, of course, the Knights are looking good as well. Keep up the good work, dude.

  2. Thanks! The kit is really good for poses, I think I slightly converted one arm and the rest are just standard. As for the black parts, they do look cool as, but I wish I'd sprayed them separately as covering the red is proving to be a bit of a mare. But then again, I'd have had to do all the posing after the painting so either option would have had their downsides. I've got a unit of Vanguard after this, and then I might try out those RG tactics you mentioned!

  3. I always assumed you sprayed them separately. Man, that must be hard to cover... Have you ever tried masking out the red bits? That seems like a lot of work.

    1. It's not the best to cover at all, it's just a case of being methodical really. If it'd been any other squad then I would have been happy to separate, but with such a dynamic kit I think it's better to build your poses first.