Wednesday, 29 July 2015


A little preview of what is coming next.

'A hunter creates the conditions for the kill. But a killer will only concern himself with the slaughter. We do not hunt. We prey.'

Knight-Gallant Yudzen Korbas, Midnight Hurricane, The Great Attractor, Jackylwalker. Pilot of 'Cerulean Invective'.


  1. I don't think I mentioned on B & C, but I love the eyes. Really effective glow. How'd you do that?

  2. Hi Jeff

    It's just Meph Red, washed with Carroburg Crimson, then a small amount of Evil Sunz Scarlet in the middle of that, a smaller amount of Wild Rider Red and a dot of white in the middle. I think it's more the photo filter I chose that creates the glowing effect but I'll agree it does look menacing, especially when you catch it staring out from the faceplate.

  3. Weathering! Such gorgeous weathering!

    1. Thanks Greg! The weathering is always fun to do, but should start looking better once I break out the powders for the armour plates. If you check out my previous Knight posts you'll be able to see an example of the effect I'm going for.