Sunday, 9 March 2014

Productive days and The War Escalates.

So, with the (relatively) lovely weather we're having, I've spent a productive day getting models sprayed and prepped for future painting. There won't be much actual work put into the below, but I just wanted to show how the army will develop over the months and years. But first some WIP's of my Sternguard, which I really need to finish but just seem to be avoiding!

They seem a little washed out here, but the robes look really nice in the flesh. I really do have to get a decent camera and soon! They just need the arms and weapons completing and they'll be ready to go.

Next, a few little additions to the Shrikes' motor pool. The Rhino with the Stalker front is the personal transport of the Captain of the 3rd, and not because I forgot to actually put it on my Stalker at all....

And a small pile of bits and pieces that will be getting a lick of paint sooner or later. This includes a Contemptor, two Thunderfire Cannons on which the Techmarines have had arm swaps to try and make them look different, and my new Captain armed with the Teeth of Terra and storm bolter. The Marines will eventually be a Devastator unit, but I'm not in a rush for those just yet.

My Knight in his current state. Two washes of Nuln Oil give a nice look to the metals, which will then be drybrushed with Leadbelcher and Ironbreaker, before pinpoint washes with Typhus Corrosion in joints and bolts that wouldn't move much. The armour plates will be a mix of Stegadon Scale Green with highlights, yellow and black hazard striping and bronze edging, which will have Nilkanth Oxide washed over. The intention is to make this Knight look like a machine that has existed for over fifteen thousand years, which also leads me to ask...anyone have any good weathering techniques? Never done it before but I think a small amount would look really good on the plates.

And finally...

The horrors of the Ethnarch in the Fourth Shrine War have lead to a sector-wide charnel house of death and pain. The weeping and terror of mortals on every planet have created a heady musk of fear that draws dark beings from a time long forgotten. The Pleasure-Flayers of the 3rd legion translate into the Kerishian system...

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