Monday, 7 October 2013

More work, and the art of transfers...

I've been slowly working on my first Tactical squad, and have now managed to get two more Marines done, including my graviton gun wielding specialist. I was going to go with a plasma gun, but the graviton gun just looks too cool not to use, plus my gaming group won't mind if I say it's a plasma gun. 

After posting some of my pics on the Bolter and Chainsword forum, I had feedback that the Shrikes needed something to break the red and black up. I realised that a perfect way to do that would be to use squad markings and a chapter logo, just to bring some more life to the models. I originally painted the Tactical arrows on, but found that I could get better results using transfers. I've never really used these before, but after some searching around on Youtube, and buying some supplies, I was ready. I decided to use the Raptors transfer sheet from Forgeworld as the chapter symbol would work nicely. These are the first results, and I'm sort of OK with them. There's a few creases that I've yet to work out how to eliminate (advice would be great here!), and I've had to paint in a few gaps, but overall the effect works. Mircosol and Mircoset are your friends! I would recommend that you try transfers, even if you're a bit nervous, as they can save so much time and effort.

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